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Institute of Linguistics

Institute of Linguistics

The Institute of Linguistics (IoL) is the academic home of faculty and students in linguistics, the scientific study of the human capacity for language.

The curriculum of our undergraduate and graduate degree programs provide a strong foundation of coursework in the traditional core areas of linguistics: phonetics/phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics/pragmatics. In addition to providing the basis for specialization in one or more of these traditional areas, this core coursework emphasizes the conception of linguistics as a branch of cognitive science, and therefore serves as a basis for subsequent investigation of topics such as language processing, language acquisition, and neurolinguistics.

We also foster research that bridges the gap between linguistics as a pure science and applications such as documentation and revitalization of endangered languages, and language engineering and language technology.

Research projects funded by the National Science Foundation and other funding sources form an important focus for faculty and student research. These projects include collaborations with other units across the university, such as:

What's linguistics all about?

  • Chris Hammerly, undergraduate student
  • Tim Hunter, faculty member
  • Milo Grika, alumnus

Ongoing Events

Linguistics Colloquium:
Colloquia are held during the academic year on Friday afternoons at 3:30pm in Ford Hall, Room 110. To receive email announcements of the talks, contact the Institute of Linguistics.

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