University of Minnesota
Institute of Linguistics



Institute of Linguistics Faculty

Faculty in the Academic Program in Linguistics
Name Office Telephone Email Interests
Dustin Chacón
Contract Asst. Prof.
S313 Elliott Hall 612-624-1860 Syntax, Psycholinguistics
Jeanette Gundel
Prof. of Linguistics
S222 Elliott Hall 612-624-7564 Pragmatics, Semantics, Language and Cognition
Claire Halpert
Asst. Prof. of Linguistics
S315 Elliott Hall 612-626-5400 Syntax, Field Methods, African Languages
Anna Lubowicz
Adjunct Asst. Prof.
S316 Elliott Hall 612-626-7071 Phonology
Jean-Philippe Marcotte
Contract Asst. Prof.
S318 Elliott Hall 612-625-9349 Syntax, Semantics
Jason Overfelt
Contract Asst. Prof.
S317 Elliott Hall 612-624-2725 Syntax, Semantics
Brian Reese
Contract Asst. Prof.
S314 Elliott Hall 612-626-4507 Semantics, Pragmatics, Computational Linguistics
Hooi Ling Soh
Prof. of Linguistics
120 Ford Hall 612-624-8092 Syntax, Semantics
Other Faculty
Name Office Telephone Email Interests
Polly Szatrowski
Prof. of Japanese Language & Linguistics
319 Elliott Hall 612-624-1860 Conversation Analysis, Japanese Linguistics

Affiliated Faculty in Other Departments

Name Office Telephone Email Assocation
Timothy Face 35 Folwell Hall 612-625-1328 Spanish & Portuguese
Charles Fletcher N218 Elliott Hall 612-625-6096 Psychology
Michael Kac 812 Heller Hall 612-625-1865 Philosophy
Daniel Karvonen 154 Folwell Hall 612-626-1651 German, Scandinavian, & Dutch
Betsy Kerr 260 Folwell Hall 612-624-6505 French & Italian
Carol Anne Klee 4E Folwell Hall 612-625-9521 Spanish & Portuguese
Michael Maratsos 208B Child Dev 612-624-1027 Institute of Child Development
Benjamin Munson 115 Shevlin Hall 612-624-3322 Speech-Lang Hearing Sci
John Nichols 19 Scott Hall 612-625 2065 American Indian Studies
Maria Sera 208C Child Dev 612-624-2856 Institute of Child Development
Amy Sheldon 228 Ford Hall 612-624-2504 Communication Studies

Emeritus Faculty

Name Interests
Gerald A. Sanders (Ph.D., Indiana University) Syntax; language typology; writing systems
Bruce Downing Translation and interpreting, language policy and planning, English linguistics, forensic linguistics, bilingualism
Nancy Stenson Irish and Celtic linguistics, language contact and change, Native American languages, syntax and morphology.