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Graduate Fellowships

Graduate fellowships are highly competitive awards based on academic merit. Our students may be considered for nominations for a graduate school fellowship. These fellowships are usually highly competitive, but we often have success in obtaining them for several of our students each year.

Center for Cognitive Sciences Fellowships

Center for Cognitive Sciences fellowships Applicants with a strong interest in cognitive science and strong academic qualifications may be nominated for three-year fellowships awarded by the Center for Cognitive Sciences (though this is restricted to U.S. citizens because the funding is from the U.S. government). Notification of fellowships is generally made in March.

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

The Institute for Global Studies makes a number of fellowships available to new and continuing graduate students at the University of Minnesota through the FLAS program. We encourage you to apply for funding through this program. You are eligible to receive funding for language study during the academic year and/or during the summer for intensive language courses. Academic year fellowship carry a stipend of $14,000 plus tuition and selected fees; for summer study the stipend is $2,400 plus tuition.

FLAS fellowships can be used for the study of any modern foreign language, but in conformity with Title VI regulations of the US Department of Education priority will be given to students who propose to study a less-commonly-taught language.

Graduate Research Partnership Program (GRPP)

This award is administered by the Department and made possible by funds from the College of Liberal Arts. It offers a $4000 stipend plus $1000 for expenses to support collaborative summer research conducted by a graduate student in partnership with a member of the faculty. Applications are reviewed by the Graduate Studies Committee. The number of awards the Department can offer varies from year to year.

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF)

The purpose of the Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF) program is to give outstanding final-year Ph.D. candidates who are making timely progress toward the degree, an opportunity to complete the dissertation within the upcoming academic year by devoting full-time effort to research and writing. DDF recipients receive a stipend of at least $22,500 plus tuition for thesis credits and health insurance. A departmental nomination is required. The number of nominations the Department can submit varies from year to year.

Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship

The Office for Diversity in Graduate Education (ODGE) administers the DOVE Fellowship. The fellowship is awarded to approximately 20 first-year students from underrepresented groups (U.S. citizens or permanent residents). The fellowship provides a $22,500 stipend, tuition at regular graduate school rates (up to 14 credits per semester), and subsidized health insurance for one academic year.

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